7 pack Podkovičník MIX®

7 pack Podkovičník MIX®
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Content: 7 x 120 caps

7 pack Podkovičník MIX®

7 pack Podkovičník MIX®
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Specific polyaccharide extract mixture to naturally strengthen the immune system. Its active ingredients inhibit angiogenesis (the blood supply of  tumor cells) and enhance certain immune cells’ (NK, macrophages) anti-tumor activity.

The active ingredients of Podkovičník MIX® compose of the active polysaccharide ingredients of Podkovičník mushroom. Labratory-, animal- and clinical tests proved these agents to be successful in stregthening the immune system, improving the quality of life and inhibiting the growth of tumors and metastases of tumor patients. Clinical tests carried out in Japan have shown that combined with chemotherapy the agents’ anti-tumor effect can further be increased in the vast majority of tumor types.
Natural Killer cell
Cancer cell
Podkovičník mushroom is a rare an thus extremely precious mushroom that grows on trees in the wild. The name itself refers to its shape. Scientific literature has reported frequent spontaneous tumor regression (complete or partial tumor regression) associated with the consumption of the active ingredients of this mushroom. These unexpected regressions have primarily been observed with prostate, liver, lung, head cancer and thier metastases. In laboratory- and clinical tests the active ingredients of the mushroom proved effective in killing and inhibiting the formation of metastases of certain brain-, skin- and oral cavity cancer cells. The active ingredients of Podkovicnik MIX® inhibit angiogenesis (the blood supply of  tumor cells) and enhance certain immune cells’ (NK, macrophages) anti-tumor activity. The agents have also proved to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, allergic symptom and arthritis mitigating, hepato- and gastric mucosa protective and antioxidant effects. Some research data suggest that the anti-tumor effects of the active agents of Podkovičník mushroom significantly outperform that of  all polysaccharides scientifically observed in living organisms, including other mushroom extracts and also the beta D-glucan of non-fungal extracts. Perhaps due to this fact, in a short period of time this mushroom has been officially recognised as anti-tumor drug in an overeas country.
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Podkovičník mushroom
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Grifola Frondosa mushroom
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Ganoderma lucidum mushroom
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Agaricus blazei Murill mushroom
The Griola Frondosa (Maitake) polysaccharides have been added to the active ingredients of Podkovičník MIX®. Scientific tests (laboratory, veterinary and clinical) have proved them to be effective against cancer, strengthen the immune system, improve health status and inhibit the growth of tumor cells and the formation of metastases. Scientific tests in Japan have shown that combined with chemotherapy the agents’ anti-tumor effect can further be increased in the majority of tumor types. It is reported to have cholesterol-lowering effect as well.
„Our clincial tests in Solvakia proved Podkovičník MIX® to have:
  • positive effects on the regeneration of bone marrow, especially the regeneration of the number of leukocytes and platelets.
  • positvie effects on the nutritional values (weight- and muscle mass gain) of patients receiving specific cancer treatment.
  • positive effects on the metabolism of lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides) and on the parameters of oxidative stress ( homocysteine).
  • caused remarkable changes in cancer diseases in the Podkovičník MIX® group.
  • 2 patients in the Podkovičník MIX® did not receive specific cancer treatment.
  • a full roborating (strengthening) effect on the health status of patients under onncology treatment.
Clinical tests have shown that the active ingredients of Podkovicnik MIX® significantly reduce the harmful side effects of radio- and chemotherapy. Clinical experients on animals suggest that Podkvicnik MIX® might be effective in treating II. diabetes and hypertension as well. It can shorten the the duration of viral and bacterial diseases and can be effective curing chronic upper respiratory infections and asthma as well.
With the consumption of the natural Vitamin C and mineral mix of Acerola the beneficial physiological effects and the absorption of the acive ingredients of Podkovičník MIX® can be furhter increased! The two products are now availbale in a special package offer!
By developing Podkovičník MIX® extract, our goal was to offer to immune system and cancer patients all over Europe a versatile and efficient alternative in the field of natural ingredients verified by clinical tests carried out in Slovakia and internatinal scientific literature as well.  
  • 120 capsules/bottle
  • Podkovičník mushroom extract
  • Grifola Frondosa extract
  • Ganoderma lucidum extract
  • Agaricus blazei Murill extract
  • Gelatin
It is recommended to start taking Podkvičnik MIX® with a lower dose and increase intake gradually:
  • First 3 days: 3x1 capsules per day
  • 4-6. day: 3x2 capsules per day
  • From day 7: 3x3 capsules per day
The maximum daily intake is 4x3 capsules.
Should digestive problems occur taking Podkovičník MIX®, it is recommended that the daily intake is reduced to a pinch of the powder of the capsules two times for a few days, then dosing should be according to the recommendation above, starting with day 1.
About to have surgery? Strengthen your immune system two weeks prior to your surgery: For the first 5 days the recommended daily intake is 2x1 capsules, then increase the dose to 2x2 capsules per day. Suspend taking Podkovičník MIX® 3 days prior to the surgery. Once allowed to consume solid food, you can restart taking Podkovicnik MIX® after the surgery by consuming daily 1 capsule for 5 days and increase the dose to 2x1 capsules per day and then further, according to the instructions  above and your health status.
If you have diabetes the recommended daily intake is 2x1 or 2x2 capsules depending on blood sugar and health status. Please regularly check your blood sugar!
Capsules should be taken 20 minutes before meals. The maximum dosage can only be applied over body weight of 70kgs.
All  PROVITEX PRE ŽIVOT products should be started with a lower dose and intake should be increased gradually!
Do not consume more than the recommended daily intake!
  • Keep in a dry place away from light and heat sources!
  • Keep away from children!
Warning: Consumption of this product does not reaplace a healthy and balanced diet!
In the Clinical test section a more detailed description of the results with Podkvicnik MIX® can be found.
In the Media section,  you can watch reports and interviews related to Podkovicnik MIX® and clinical test results, which have previously been broadcasted on  various TV channels.

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